The nature of Chari's art work varies but it always involves vibrant color.  Chari believes color can change a mood and uses her art to inspire her followers.

Born and raised in upstate New York

Chari was inspired by her parents and middle school art teacher to pursue a career in art.

Chari graduated with honors in 1986 from the Art and Fashion Institute.

She began her career as an Art Director in an advertising agency in Philadelphia.

Soon after she fell in love with the west coast after vacationing in Laguna Beach and moved cross country to continue her career in art.

Working as an Artist for over 30 years in advertising and design as well as fine arts including painting, clay and photography. Chari continues to pursue her desire to inspire others with her art.  

"Children are the vessel for imagination."

Out of all her experiences, Chari truly enjoys working with children and nurturing their inner creativity.


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Dana Ridenour's artistic inspiration began as a child living in Hawaii where she fell in love with the islands tropical atmosphere and native lifestyle.

Dana captures her true love for the tropics in rich, brightly colored paints. Not only do the colors inspire and excite they are also a reflection of Dana's life experience.

Dana was heavily influenced by her families creative background.

During a family retreat one summer in Italy, she decided to stay on and attend college in Florence. She studied the art of painting and drawing at the prestigious University of Lorenzo De Medici. After more than a year of school in Europe, Dana continued her education at the renowned Art Institute of Laguna.

Making California her home, Dana developed her own painting style and was soon sought after by galleries and clients throughout the world. 

Passionate about color, Dana is best known for her unique eye for detail and creating works of art that that depict the bold beauty and mystery of the tropics. Dana's vibrant collection of images pulls her students into a tropical paradise.